• The Palace Theatre (map)
  • 701 Dundas Street
  • London, ON
  • Canada
Keith Brown and Friends! At The Palace Friday, October 4th

Keith Brown and Friends!
Friday, October 4th

The Palace Theatre
701 Dundas St

Doors at 7:00 PM
Show at 7:30 PM

Hosted by Keith Brown

Mark Correia
Scott Hammell
Chris Mayhew
Ryan Joyce

Produced by London Fringe

Mark Correia Headshot

Mark Correia

Mark is an internationally acclaimed magician, comedian and world record holder with over seventeen years of experience. He has performed all around the world on stages in The United States, The Middle East, Paris, Singapore and China. He holds the world record for "Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket" for completing his fundraising stunt Escaping Parkinson’s. He has over fifty million views on Facebook and YouTube. Mark's hilarious show has entertained audiences at Google, Coca-Cola and even on Broadway.

Chris Mayhew Headshot.jpg

Chris Mayhew

One of Canada’s most innovative and prolific magicians, Chris creates new magic experiences like nothing you’ve seen before. Inspired, hilarious, and bold; his effects will leave you both amazed and amused. Experience magic on the leading edge and come see Chris perform live.

Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce is a man who wears many top hats! He combines sleight of hand and mentalism together with filmmaking for a unique style of visual storytelling that’s all his own. Often described as a magician with the imagination of a filmmaker, Ryan has toured the globe and appeared on television and the big screen. His appearances including Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Canada’s Got Talent and Sony Picture’s movie Merchants of Doubt. As a filmmaker, his videos have earned over 10 million views on Facebook and YouTube. He is the host of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast and producer of the upcoming Ontario Week of Wonder OWOW Magic Festival debuting in Fergus this fall.

Scott Hammell .jpg

Scott Hammell

Scott Hammell has been entertaining professionally since 1998. In the nearly two decades since, the four-time Guinness World Record holder has hung upside down from a hot air balloon while locked in a straitjacket and chains at 7 200 feet (World’s Highest Suspension Straitjacket Escape), dangled by his ankles and juggled for over a minute and a half (Longest Inverted Juggling Duration), successfully completed a card trick while skydiving (World’s Fastest Moving Card Trick) and jumped from an airplane to skydive while blindfolded and handcuffed (Highest Blindfolded Skydive). He has performed Houdini’s famous Milk Can Escape, juggled live explosives and has been shot at with a sniper rifle and caught the bullet as it ricocheted off a steel plate that hung around Scott’s neck. Scott has traveled the world performing in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. His audiences are as varied as his skill sets. Whether it’s a royal sheik in Abu Dhabi, a prime minister in Malaysia or a group of village elders who don’t speak English in Kenya, Scott always brings his passion for his art to entertain and inspire!