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The Advanced Investment Management (AIM) Course is a highly selective, two-week intensive seminar beginning May 20, 2018.  The course is taught by experienced investment professionals and is intended for highly motivated undergraduate students interested in a career in investment management. Apply today for the opportunity to be a member of this select group of students who will be admitted to the program.

CQA Institute
The CQA Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students interested in the investment management industry.  By capturing the collective experience and insights of CQA members, the Institute can develop programs that will provide a unique learning experience.  The goal is to provide an avenue for students who have a desire to go beyond what they learn in school and take advantage of the real world experience of accomplished investment professionals. The CQA Institute offers an intensive, two-week course taught by investment industry professionals.  The participants in the course will be highly-motivated undergraduate students interested in a career in investment management.  The course will include a lecture series on key investment topics, “boot-camp” style training on critical technical skills, and a capstone project.

AIM Course
The CQA Institute’s course in Advanced Investment Management is a 2-week course that is taught by the experienced professionals who are CQA members.  The course will include a series of topics taught by experts in the field.  Topics will include an overview of the industry, equity and fixed income research, asset allocation, risk management, quantitative research, portfolio management, and effective communication. Along with the keynote lectures and discussions, the course will focus on hard-skills development in areas like programming, risk models, and model development. The final project involves students working as a team to develop an investment strategy that is presented to a panel of judges.

Key Features

  • Keynote Lectures and Discussion – Participate in interactive presentations taught by top Wall St. professionals in their area of expertise.
  • Skills Development – Learn invaluable skills using the software/systems required to succeed including: model research and development, risk measurement and management, portfolio optimization and simulation, and an introduction to coding and algorithm development.
  • Team-Based Learning – Compete with a team of peers to develop a viable investment strategy and present it to a review panel of professional investment managers.
  • Focus on the Portfolio – Learn the critical concepts of portfolio strategy and management beyond individual stock selection and analysis.
  • Networking / Social Activities – Participate in planned outings to Wall Street and other locations to provide an opportunity to network with investment professionals and talented peers.
  • Internship Opportunities – Have an opportunity to land a valuable internship at one of the CQA member firms.
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For more information or to apply, please visit www.cqainstitute.com