Keith Special Guest at MoMondays

Put storytelling into a blender. Add a dash of personal growth & transformation. Then drop in a load of laughs. Mix in real, live music, and great conversation with some of the nicest people on the planet, then push the ‘high’ setting… and out comes momondays!



6:00 - 6:45 pm

There are all kinds of networking events where you can connect with people on a professional level. There are dozens of events where you can 'get into the minds' of brilliant experts on countless subjects.

But how many opportunities do we have to truly connect with each other on the human to human level?

An interesting thing happens when you come to momondays for the pre-show socializing and networking. While the purpose of the show is not business, some of the best business connections have come out of a meeting at momondays.

Once again. we are getting special gourmet pizza at 6 pm, courtesy of Village Pizza, where they use specially aged crust and all kinds of fancy name pizza combinations. This will change your perception of pizza forever!!!

So get ready to mix and mingle with some of the nicest people on the planet -- That’s because you really do meet the nicest people at momondays.



7:00 - 9-ish pm

KEITH BROWN - GUEST EMCEE: Keith Brown is a world-class entertainer, magician and keynote speaker. He's been described as incredible and amazing! He's inspired wonder in over 18 countries and counting. Keith was chosen Toronto's BEST Magician.... and he's not even from Toronto. Foo Fighter's frontman, Dave Grohl, thinks he's incredible and I know you will too!

HEIDI ALLEN - MY WAR WITH PATIENCE: What's so funny about a battle with pneumonia? Laugh with Heidi Allen as she tells her hilarious story about how she learned a simple lesson: that to live life fully and be happy, we need to let it all run its course and know that not everything has to be controlled. Heidi began her journey as a successful photographer, but knew she was supposed to be doing something bigger. Determined to make a difference, her next careers-wedding gown store owner, co-host for a morning radio show, TV Host an producer at the Marilyn Denis Show were the same. Then something changed and Heidi realized she was meant to motivate and inspire people. The Positive People Army began.

SHELLY ELSLIGER - FINDING MY VOICE... ONLINE! A mean shout-out from a classmate in grade 6, during a public speaking contest, was a moment Shelly Elsliger remembers well. It would scar her for years, silence her voice, and lead her on the path of self doubt, distorted body image disorder, and imposter syndrome. This is her story of how she overcame self-doubt, fought the gremlins, and found the leader in herself. Today, Shelly is a globally recognized LinkedIn Trainer and President and Founder of Linked-Express. She coaches professionals, leaders, women, and diverse teams; inspiring them to maximize their personal and professional branding potential, build their confidence, and optimize their social influence online.

LYNDA HYKIN - TWO SUITCASES AND A LIFE: Living her entire life in the comfort zone designed by others, Lynda Hykin suddenly found herself homeless at 55. Lynda finally climbed out of that comfort zone to create a new business, a new attitude and a new life. Today, Lynda is an author, speaker, business-woman and entrepreneur. Known as The Purging Queen, she uses her life experiences and stories to provide her audiences with the tools necessary for immediate action. You will walk away inspired, motivated, and knowing what needs to be done to begin to live your dreams!

DANNY DRUMS - THE BEAT WITHIN: Our featured musician is Danny Drums, with his story about how music connects us all. Growing up with a passion for music, Danny began experimenting with new techniques on an Arabic drum called Dumbek. Perfecting the art of combining the dumbek beats, rhythms, and patterns to western music he has been able to create unique sounds and music that cannot be reproduced. Danny has performed at corporate events, galas, clubs, weddings, workshops, Christmas parties, schools and seminars. He has been featured on a number of Toronto hit music stations including, Z103.5, 99.9 Virgin Radio, and flow 93.5. He has also recorded in top studios worldwide creating beats for many artists.

EVELYN BAILEY - ART HEALS HEARTS: As a creative mind, Evelyn Bailey was always in tune with the power of visualization. This is her inspiring and thought-provoking story about how, through art, Evelyn learned the principles of self-awareness and self-discovery. Today, Evelyn Bailey is a Canadian Artist whose profession centers around the use of visual arts to transform lives.

ROB CORBETT - DATING MYSELF: “Taking off my clothes is easy; being honest and vulnerable is the hard part.” That could be the most revealing lesson that Rob Corbett learned from dating in his 50’s, and then exposing himself to the world in a 1-and-a-half man Fringe festival play about his experiences. It’s a moStory that’s deeply intimate, very funny and often embarrassing. By day, Rob teaches in the animation departments of a number of colleges in and around the GTA. He has worked for Walt Disney Animation and The Stratford Festival. His plays have been performed throughout Southern Ontario and NYC. He is the founder and chief troublemaker of Party Crashers interactive theatre company. One of his proudest stage moments was speaking at the very first momondays EVER!


10:00 pm - 2 am

After momondays, you are welcome to stay for live music at the Hideout at no extra charge. The Hideout is one of the most exciting live music venues in the city, with some of the best indie artists. Stay and party until 2 am! Details here: